Management system

Company policy

In the company, we have defined and adopted the policy of a company that combines quality policy, safety policy and environmental policy as an integral part of the company’s management policy in accordance with:

  • a mission to satisfy customers’ needs and maintain their trust with their quality
  • a vision to remain among the leading manufacturers of components for the rail industry
  • the strategy of continuous development, product improvement, comprehensive solutions and export sales orientation
  • the basic principle is that the handling of the environment and the fulfillment of safety requirements are among the highest advantages in the company
  • the intention that the company will achieve the best results in the manufacture of products and the implementation of services, while optimizing the use of basic and auxiliary materials with minimal possible environmental loading, taking into account the safety requirements

In accordance with the company’s commitment to quality management, compliance with safety requirements and environmental protection, we carry out the following activities for continuous improvement of the management system:

  • we comply with legislative and other requirements in the field of quality, environmental management and occupational health and safety for industrial activities and services,
  • we set realistic quality objectives, environmental objectives and objectives of the safety, which we are trying to realize,
  • we provide adequate and satisfactory resources, including training, to achieve lasting consistency with the policy and objectives set,
  • we evaluate the company’s performance with regard to the set policy and goals, and we are looking for the possibility of improving the quality management, environmental management and management of the safety,
  • we are committed to preventing errors and irregularities and meeting customer expectations
  • a process of reviewing the management system is in place with the purpose of identifying the opportunities for improving the system and, consequently, greater efficiency in the field of quality, environmental management and safety at work,
  • we cooperate with stakeholders (customers, suppliers, neighbours, employees, state and administrative bodies…) in the area of quality management, environmental management and safety management

We have committed ourselves to meeting the demands of quality products, continuously reducing the negative impacts of our activities on the environment, rational use of energy products, waste management, improving the working environment, and avoiding the risks to the safety of employees, with an emphasis on preventive operation and improvement.