Quality and control

Quality and control

Comprehensive and technologically complete quality control over the whole process:

Entry control:

  • spectral analysis of input raw materials in accordance with internal supply conditions
  • visual control of incoming raw materials in accordance with internal delivery conditions
  • careful selection and evaluation of suppliers of raw materials

Process control:

  • Temperature monitoring
  • Measurement of C-equivalents
  • Control of melt with ATAS
  • Spectral chemical analysis with ARL 4360
  • Control of the microstructure of produced materials with ZEISS AxioImager A2m microscope with AxioVision application for program recognition and analysis of the microstructure
  • Hardness control with PROCEQ EQUOTIP 3 for several different areas (HLD, HRC, HV, and HB)
  • Full implementation of NDT and DT inspections:
    • DT inspections:
      • Tensile test with 0-250 kN testing using the ZWICK Roel Z250Red tensile machine
      • Charpy test with the V-specimen from +20°C to max -40°C
    • NDT inspections:
      • Visual inspections (VT1+VT2 Level)
      • Penetrant examinations (PT1+PT2 Level)
      • Ultrasonic examinations (UT1 Level)
    • Optional:
      • Magnetic testing – external
      • Radiographic testing – external
    • Dimensions control in 2D and 3D manner:
      • GOM ATOS COMPACT Scan 5M
      • FARO Arm Platinum
      • Possibility of reverse-engineering with Geomagic software package

Final control

  • Packaging control
  • Preparation of the final documentation for all completed procedures including 3.1 certificate of conformity of material according to EN standards and customer specifications.