Kovis Group

Kovis d.o.o.

KOVIS d.o.o. is an international development company, based in Brežice, which deals with the production of components for the railway industry, such as brake discs, axle boxes and different parts for the railway industry and other industrial sectors.

Kovis Livarna d.o.o.

KOVIS-LIVARNA d.o.o. manufactures castings of all qualities from grey and ductile iron. It provides its customers with highly demanding technological solutions according to their wishes, which are used in various industries across Europe.

Kovis BP d.o.o.

KOVIS BP d.o.o., based in Bački Palanki, Serbia, produces axle boxes for the railway industry. The high quality of products enables the latest computer-controlled machines – CNC processing.

Kovis Transporti d.o.o.

The Company KOVIS TRANSPORTI d.o.o. deals with transport services and with the related comprehensive logistic supply. Bulk transport is performed throughout Europe and the countries of former Yugoslavia.


Successful Fire Drill at the company KOVIS d.o.o.

On Thursday, April 18, 2024, we successfully conducted a fire drill at KOVIS d.o.o.  in cooperation with the Brežice Fire Department. The main objective of the drill was to check the readiness ...

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Co-financing of a development project: development of a brake disc with improved ventilation and adapted logistics

Project Description: Within the framework of the development project, the consortium partners, companies Kovis d.o.o. and Kovis Foundry d.o.o., will develop a wheel-mounted brake disc and a metal ...

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  • Quality already starts at the planning stage
    A complete technical and commercial support
  • Rapid responsiveness to the buyer’s requirements
    In constant contact with customers
  • Short delivery periods
    (3-5 months) from the order to the FAI samples
  • Our own foundry
  • Modern technology
  • Complete solutions
  • Long-term cooperation with partners