About the company

Who we are

As a niche champion, KOVIS contributes to safer, more efficient and climate-friendly rail transport. We turn good ideas into a safe and sustainable future- for the benefit of passengers, the planet Earth and business partners.

We are guided by the values of sustainability, innovative culture and design, safety, flexibility and efficiency. This has been recognized by our partners on almost all continents of the world. 

We have already convinced more than 160 customers in 43 countries. Among them are Bombardier, Siemens, Deutsche Bahn AG, VTG, Bonatrans, SNCF, ÖBB, Nedtrain, Alstom, Stadler, Škoda, TSA, Voith, … 80 percent of our products contain recycled raw materials and even more than 80 percent is used in brake discs. Aquarter of our electricity is produced from self-sufficiency. We will deepen our company commitment to sustainability in the future. 

Thanks to our innovative culture, the reliable, 100% private, family-owned company has become a global niche player and a European niche champion. 

Among others, we are the largest manufacturer of axle boxes for freight wagons in Europe. More than 550 different types of brake discs for all types of railway vehicles – from locomotives commutertrains, trams & metros to high-speed trains have been developed and produced by KOVIS. With an innovative approach and a high-quality production process we create tailor made solutions for our customer as a producer of gearboxes, stator housings, flanges, consoles, swingarms,… 

Beside the parent company KOVIS, KOVIS GROUP also includes KOVIS LIVARNA, which produces high quality castings made from ductile and gray cast iron, KOVIS BP, where quality machining and final production of axel boxes for freight wagons is done and KOVIS TRANSPORTI, which provides logistical services and internal / external transport. 

KOVIS will be a reliable partner that contributes to the promotion of green mobility in the future as well.

Good Ideas Create Future. Safer, greener and less noisy.