Railway industry

Brake discs

We produce axle and wheel brake discs of various sizes (in production more than 450 different types) and a variety of quality materials (GJL, GJV, GJS, GS). Production is also possible after the customer’s requirement or according to provided specifications.

PDF disk labeling


Axle boxes

The company produces axle boxes for freight and passenger wagons for the axle load of 22, 5t up to 25t and for bogies type Y25/25t. Kovis developed its own axle box type Y25/25t, which can be used for both, 22, 5t and 25t axle load. Presently, we are developing an innovation in the field of freight wagons, a new 25 ton axle box, where we reduce the weight of the casing by more than 15%, and also, the new casing is completely interchangeable with the existing axle box housing BA386.

Other products for railways vehicles

  • Brake shoe holders
  • Brake pads
  • Axle box holders
  • Plain bearings, flanges, multi-consoles