When I grow up: promotional video with a presentation of professions

At the beginning of January, together with the Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia, the Posavje-Krško District Chamber, the company Ansat and the presenter Jure Godler, Kovis prepared a commercial video with the title “When I grow up”.

The aim of the promotional video is to present prospective pupils promising occupations in successful companies in Posavje and to inspire them for it. The commercial featured five successful companies in Posavje, which are active in the metal industry: Kovis, I.H.S., Sevnica, Q Techna and Numip.

Jure Godler and co-workers introduced the profession of a CNC operator, who is in high demand at Kovis.

The video will be shown mainly on the information days of elementary and secondary schools in the Posavje region.

We hope that we have helped pupils to get an idea of ​​specific occupations and to decide what they want for their future and which secondary school to choose.