Innovations Day 2018: Silver Award for the company Kovis d.o.o.

Brdo pri Kranju, 26 September 2018: At the Innovation Day, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (GZS) has given national awards to the most innovative companies and innovators in companies and public research institutions – for the 16th time. The award of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia for Best Innovations at the national level represents the highest recognition for innovative achievements of Slovenian companies and thus the promotion of innovations in Slovenia. In the national final, involving 197 innovations and 772 innovators at the regional level, 42 companies were ranked.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia has given 10 gold, 28 silver awards, 3 special awards. Kovis was awarded the silver award for their innovation “Divided Axle Brake Disc for Rail Freight”, whose innovators are Ivan Smolej, David Deržič and Uroš Grivc. The innovation solves the challenge of energy efficiency of the brake disk for rail vehicles. The weight of the product was reduced, which reduces the required power of the locomotive or increases the possibility of transporting a larger amount of cargo. At the same time, the energy required for the production of the product, was reduced. All the features of this innovation have a beneficial impact on the environment. In the company they also optimized the shape of the cooling ribs of the brake disk, which despite the reduced weight of the product still effectively discharges heat and, in rotation, creates a significantly lower air resistance. The disc-hub coupling was also designed new, which increases product safety and reduces the potential for vibrations.