Kovis has been awarded Platinum Creditworthiness Rating Excellence

We are proud to announce that Kovis received the 2019 Platinum Creditworthiness Rating of Excellence.

The Platinum credit rating excellence is issued exclusively to companies that continue to achieve the AAA Gold Excellence for three consecutive years. Companies that achieve Platinum Creditworthiness Rating are perceived as the most reliable, credible and low-risk business entity to cooperate with all business partners. The certificate is Europe’s renowned and recognizable. Platinum Rating of Excellence 2019 represents 1.2 of the Slovenian market.

Companies that preserve good business practices achieve outstanding business results and take care of the satisfaction of everyone involved in the work process. The goal of this recognition of achievements is not only the promotion of well-functioning businesses and good business practices, but also the achievement of financial integrity.
Exceptional payment discipline is important for the health of every company, and it is therefore crucial to maintain a tradition in attaining AAA standards and consequently maintain a good financial condition.