New production facility in Štore + renovation of business premises

Due to the intensive development of the company and the increase in sales on international markets, KOVIS decided to invest in a new production and storage facility at an already existing location in Štore. In addition to providing increased production capacities, one of the purposes of building the facility was also to improve the entire infrastructure, which would positively impact the reduction of logistics costs, better productivity of employees, and the offer in one place.

Construction of the facility in Štore began in August 2015 and ended in April 2016; the relocation of the production facility took place in several stages

  • in May 2016, we opened a new high-rack warehouse for model kits and started producing them in the new model workshop
  • in September 2016, we successfully set up a new 4-axis CNC Machining Centre and started the serial production.

The facility is designed in terms of high-tech equipment – automated and regulated energy-saving LED lighting, automated cooling and heating of the process, improved working conditions for employees, mainly introducing the development of machining to the international space.

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