Successful start of a tradition: first Kovis’ sports games impressed the participants

On Saturday, September 9th, 2023, the first Kovis sports games and a meeting of the companies Kovis, Kovis foundry and Kovis transport took place in the Lipa Sports Park in Štore.

In the Kovis companies, we not only promote business excellence, but also being active and a healthy lifestyle. The idea of Kovis sports games was born from this philosophy. It is a day that combines a sports competition, entertainment and an opportunity for connecting between colleagues and companies.

As part of health promotion, all participants in the sports games were able to measure their blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Before starting the competition, all the meeting participants were welcomed by the the director of the Kovis foundry, Jerica Vranc.

The morning warm-up provided a great start to the day. Although the purpose of the event was primarily socializing and recreation, a competitive part was also held as part of the meeting; competitors competed in football, basketball, volleyball, and tennis. In the meantime, hikers went to the Old Castle of Celje, where they enjoyed historical glimpses and a wonderful view.

At the end of the competition, there was also an extremely tense tug-of-war, whichwas won by the team from Kovis.

After a delicious lunch, a lucky draw was organized for the participants of the games, which brought laughter, joy and rich prizes contributed by our business partners.

We ended the day with the awarding of trophies for the best and with a pleasant gathering with colleagues.

The first Kovis sports games successfully opened the door to the tradition of sports bonding and fun. We look forward to future events where we will continue to build the connection between sport and socializing together and create unforgettable moments.

Video production and photos with drone: Žan Vengust 

Photo: Blaž Smeh