Project Youth for Youth

Kovis participated in the Youth for Youth project as part of the Youth Alliance. Participants in the project are pupils from three secondary schools in Posavje, their mentors and business representatives from the Posavje region, as well as the project leader of the Youth Alliance – MEP Franc Bogovič.

The Youth for Youth initiative aims to encourage collaboration between secondary school pupils and successful companies from the region, while at the same time examining some of the European Union’s directives related to the activities of the companies involved in the project.

On January 28, the company GEN energija organized a working meeting to gather ideas from participating pupils, mentors and representatives of companies in Posavje.

On February 7, the pupils of the project team visited Kovis. Kovis deals with the current European mobility policy. After a brief presentation of the company, they visited our production and gathered additional material to prepare the final report.

The project will be presented in the media of Posavje and at the event of the Krško Chamber of Commerce. A big presentation of this project is planned in the cultural center Krško.