sMart braKe – new at Innotrans 2022

sMart braKe is the heart of train braking. It solves sustainability, material, market, safety and enviromental challenges smartly.

The new market innovation, offered by KOVIS and MIBA in the new alliance, combines the excellent properties of brake pads and brake discs.

The combination of pads and discs allows  even better safety and reliability when braking. sMart BraKe is environmentally friendly because it reduces braking noise. This not only enables a more comfortable ride, but also a better quality of life for people near railways and metros.

sMart braKe is the result of a strategic alliance between KOVIS and the Austrian company MIBA, both private, strong, flexible and financially stable partners. It will be presented for the first time at Innotrans 2022, taking place  from September 20 – 23 in Berlin.

Stategic alliance for sMart braKe

The strong development approach of KOVIS and MIBA brought the product a longer life, noise reduction, lower energy consumption, cost optimization, and NVH (noise, vibration, roughness) improvements.

sMart braKe is also important due to  concerns for sustainability. It consists of a new advanced friction material. There is no waste in its production. sMart braKe is made from recycled raw materials as well. The brake disc and pads are made of  friction material of the future. It is manufactured in Europe, which increases safety and reliability in the supply chain.

Ideal product for the future

Therefore, the sMart braKe is ideal for the production of a new fleet in the coming years, as the demand for comfortable and shorter journey times increases. It is also ideal for environmentally friendly, reliable and cost-effective transport. And it enables lower energy consumption and a lower carbon footprint.

Innovation from niche champions

KOVIS employs more than 500 employees. The MIBA Group employs 7,400 people at 30 production locations. That is why KOVIS & MIBA form a strong alliance of two strong, niche, financially stable and independent companies.

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