On Saturday, November 10, 2018, Kovis opened its doors to the children of our employees. A total of 74 children visited us together with their parents.

The children and their parents – in most cases both father and mother were present – were first welcomed by the director Alen Šinko. After that the children were divided into groups by their age. The groups, guided by the employees, first visited the company’s production and administration rooms. Among other things, they stopped at the director’s office, watched the presentation video of the company, talked to workers who were in production at that time, sat on a truck and on a forklift etc.

After the completed visit we went to the tent, where an entertainment program took place. There were workshops for the children, such as modeling tools, where they got an insight into the activities of the Kovis foundry, name engraving on discs and the youngest crafted color puzzles. We have also prepared a presentation of the professions that we most often employ in our company. With the open day for the employees’ children and some workshops, we have tried to introduce the children to technical careers in our company.

The open day ended with animation and entertainment. Pika Fliko provided children’s face paintings, sang and danced with them. Pancakes and other delicacies sweetened the conclusion of this day.