SmartBox –Y25

New axle boxes BA395 from Kovis used for up to 25 tons axle load on freight wagons

We are guided by the values of sustainability, innovative culture and design, safety, flexibility and efficiency.

With an innovative approach, we are looking for different paths that lead to excellence.​

Safer, greener & more efficient one.


S       Sustainable approach
M     Mass reduction
A      Axle box for freight wagons
R      100% Replacement for BA386
T      Trustable product

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SmartBox Y25  – Advantage

Design features

  • New optimized geometry – Mass reduction for 7kg
  • Increased strength –  maintained overall structural integrity


Improved sealing against grease leakage (offered as standard option):

  • No leakage of grease from axle box
  • Safer operation of the train
  • Longer periods without maintenance


  • Reducing CO2 emissions in the production and use of the product.
  • 80% of recycled material is used in the production of the product. At the end of its useful life, the entire housing can be recycled again.


  • Lower maintenance costs (longer periods without maintenance)
  • 100% compatibility with current state-of-the art axle boxes
  • Less energy consumption at acceleration
  • 0 € addittional replacement costs
  • Low-cost solution