Corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility

In KOVIS, we understand social responsibility as a business activity in favor of the company itself and all its stakeholders. We work on the principles of sustainable development. In addition to good business results, we strive to take care for both the environment in which the company operates and for the personal and business growth of its employees.

Care for employees

Satisfaction, health, and sustainable development of our employees are the key to satisfied and successful employees. We work together to build mutual confidence, teamwork and respect, continuous learning, and responsible and effective work. A number of awards and prizes are proof that we appreciate.

We invest a lot in the quality and healthy life of our employees. We encourage them to be involved in various sports activities and at the same time, we promote healthy life, while the work places are provided with modern and health-friendly equipment.

In Kovis Group, much attention is paid to internal and external education. We are constantly striving to improve the education structure of our employees, whose competencies help us build our competitive advantage. We are aware that successful work requires both the knowledge in all areas and the use of the latest technologies.

Environmental protection

  • Prevention of pollution and emergency situations –  active monitoring and continuous improvement of all our processes
  • Care for clean and safe environment – by integrating the latest technological solutions and with the constant and careful maintenance of machines and appliances
  • Careful use of all natural resources – electricity, basic raw material, water, etc.
  • Recycling – renewable energy and by-products
  • Waste reducing – to reduce the waste generated from the entire manufacturing process by using planned ecological islands and by controlling of their removal